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US Army Jet Upset Training – Citation / Gulfstream

The US Army Jet Upset Training program at APS is ideally suited for Citation and Gulfstream jet pilots looking for comprehensive, integrated, and industry-compliant Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Keith Northcutt comments on his 3-day program that included two flights in the Extra 300L piston aerobatic training, the S211 all-attitude, all-envelope jet trainer, and a culminating 2-hour session in the Citation simulator.

His conclusion was that the S211 experience was very valuable, presenting the opportunity to put information learned in the classroom information into action. He reflected that the S211 handled similarly to the two jet aircraft he flies which provided a realistic portrayal of maneuvering which would be required in an unexpected upset event in his aircraft.

Finally, Keith comments on the integrated nature of the training, and the transferability of lessons learned in the Extra, the S211, and the simulator to the aircraft that he flies. He has had training from other UPRT providers, but found that the professionalism and technical capability of APS Instructor Pilots made this experience the best that he has seen in developing, better, safer pilots through mitigation of the threat of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I).

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