Upset Recovery is Fundamental to Professional Pilot Training

As a military pilot in Italy, I have been trained to react in a flexible way while remaining focused on the mission objective. In addition, my military training addresses how to react effectively when an unexpected or sudden event occurs in flight.

In my opinion, the APS courses in upset recovery training are fundamental and critical to professional pilot training, whether those career pilots are military or civilian. The professionalism and preparation of the APS instructors, and the structure of the course itself, lead each pilot (even the less experienced ones) to augmenting their aviator skills to quickly recognize a stall, unusual attitude and even a developing spin. As important as awareness and recognition, the course gives graduates an ability to effectively apply strategies to efficiently and consistently mitigate these situations by regaining and maintaining aircraft control while returning the airplane to a stable ‘normal’ flight condition.

I highly recommend attending the integrated on-aircraft and full flight simulator APS upset recovery course; I’m thoroughly convinced the culminating hands-on CRM upset recovery experience in the level D simulator is essential for every multi-crew, multi-engine pilot.

Overall: Excellent | Booking: Excellent | Service: Excellent | Staff: Excellent | Flight: Excellent