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UPRT Developed Skill and Confidence Outside the Normal Flight Envelope – Ken Powaski, Challenger 300 and Learjet 45 Captain

As a pilot, you spend most of your time flying in the normal flight envelope, an area in which you have become very comfortable and have developed a range of skills to address any in-flight situation that may come up.  However, in the less likely but highly critical event that your aircraft ends up in a situation where you are outside of the normal flight envelope, would you be as adept at very quickly and expertly executing the correct manual inputs to recover from the upset situation? In these scenarios, most pilots are not only unprepared, but in this circumstance of startle, surprise and uncertainty, they do the exact wrong thing. These incorrect responses lead to Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), the number one cause of fatalities in every sector of aviation. Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) specifically and effectively teaches pilots the counter-intuitive yet very specific skills they need to recognize, prevent, or if necessary,  overcome LOC-I.

In this testimonial, Challenger 300 and Learjet 45 captain Ken Powaski discusses how UPRT helped him gain new confidence outside the normal flight envelope. He also evaluates the value of following on-aircraft UPRT with a session in the simulator for type-specific upset training.

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