United States Air Force

APS Emergency Maneuver Training is an absolutely phenomenal company and a concept whose time has come! … I believe the real value in your organization may be in the arena of enhanced flight safety training for commercial and general aviation… [the Extra 300L] proves to be an excellent platform for demonstrating a variety of emergency maneuvers, departures and recovery techniques; and with your experienced instructor pilots it can be done safely and effectively.

I am convinced that your short courses could aid any pilot when faced with a new and terrifying unplanned departure from controlled flight. Ultimately, this training could save hundreds of lives lost every year in loss of control accidents. As a USAF Test Pilot and Fighter Weapons School graduate, I have flown over 50 different aircraft from gliders, to fighters to heavies… [the Extra 300L] can can demonstrate early warning characteristics and effective recovery techniques to minimize altitude loss or aircraft damage. I would even go so far as to advocate its use as an effective platform for instructing out of control characteristics in Test Pilot School curricula.

Thank you for the excellent demonstration of you aircraft’s capabilities and the tour of your fine company. I enjoyed meeting the friendly and professional staff who proved to be most delightful. Your facilities are phenomenal, just another indicator of a well organized operation.