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Standardized Training vs. Exposure – David Garver, King Air 350 Captain

Although there are specific industry guidelines and best practices that should be incorporated into all Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) courses, not all providers adhere to these standards. One key factor effective UPRT must incorporate is standardized training to proficiency as opposed to mere exposure to UPRT fundamentals. UPRT must incorporate not only the proper techniques and maneuvers, but it must also provide sufficient practice time for pilots to ingrain the skills so that they are available in the event of an unexpected airplane upset.

In this testimonial video, King Air 350 Captain David Garver discusses his experiences with different UPRT providers, and he specifically mentions the critical component of training to proficiency versus just UPRT exposure. David also discusses several other key aspects of UPRT and how the training he received at APS has actually helped him in a couple of real life situations.

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