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Skill Transferability in Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

In order to truly enhance safety and mitigate risk, we know that effective Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) must be integrated training that includes sufficient on-aircraft practice for pilots to be able to practice, master and ingrain the often counter-intuitive skills necessary to recover from an unexpected Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I); however, pilots often question what type of on-aircraft training is most effective. First and foremost, the aircraft used must be certified safe to operate in an all attitude environment, which makes aerobatic aircraft ideal for UPRT. The unique capabilities of aerobatic aircraft allow UPRT to cover the full flight envelope and incorporate all the necessary maneuvers for maximum training value and comprehensive risk mitigation. The skills learned in the aerobatic airplane are transferable to any other aircraft, and Jet UPRT add-ons as well as integrated simulation are available to further hone UPRT skills in a safe and valuable way that is at the same time cost effective. In this video, you’ll hear conclusions from a few APS UPRT grads on how well the skills they learned in the aerobatic Extra 300 transferred to the jet experience.

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