Love Box Company

I had been trying to find a pertinent training facility for 3 years that could help train pilots in dangerous situations, in awareness but most of all in prevention. Also, enhanced improvement in personal performance. The prerequisites were: excellent equipment, top rate instruction, excellent methodology for the facilitation of the learning process, safety procedures that would provide a safe environment, insure confidence and fair price relative to services rendered.

It was crucial to have an objective evaluation of the course for our purpose. I was confident that our chief pilot (who has over 18,000 hrs in air, airplanes including King Air 300-350, Westwind, and Lear 35) would be more critical than myself in the evaluation process. We were both very impressed with APS. The equipment was in excellent condition, instructors who for most part were F-16/F-18 pilots and instructors, etc. who have lived in a high pressure atmosphere were passionate about training. Their syllabus content was complete, thorough, and was enriched with pertinent visual aids. They were primarily concerned with safety and never compromised. We were satisfied with the price and frankly thought it was a bargain.

Being a pilot carries a huge responsibility. We are in an environment that can be as docile as a Sunday afternoon drive, but can turn hostile in an instant. You trained me how to recognize the dangerous edge, be ready for the unexpected and react instantly, safely, and with confidence.

Thank you for the best instruction I have ever been through and for the life saving experience. I will be back soon and can’t wait for my recurrent.