Feedback on the Free APS E-Book

CAUTION, WAKE TURBULENCE! I had planned on writing sooner.  I’ll tell you what convinced me that your training is on the up and up and not some overhyped, shady activity.  Your e-book actually describes the recovery procedures in detail. It wasn’t just a come on nor a hook to get the secret info.  I don’t know if you have seen all the billboards between Tucson and el Paso for “The Thing” but so often offers are reminiscent of a Carney Barker.  Promise a lot — Get your money — then deliver a little. In the specific case of APS — the e-book reinforces that you are truly committed to increasing aviation safety.  If you weren’t truly dedicated to improving safety then you would have had a book that described only the problem but  none of the solutions.   When I was reading the book I kept waiting for the information cutoff to occur.  Would it be on page 62?  When was I going to encounter the sentence “For a description of the recovery technique…Just enter your credit card number here” ?.   That moment never came.  What a nice departure from the normal method of selling.

Ethics are extremely important and the “Caution, Wake Turbulence” shows that your organization has a very high ethical standard.  That is — You have developed through extensive study and expense a proven method of upset recovery that benefits all aviators.  You freely make this knowledge available to the public.

It is your demonstrated high level of regard for the safety of all pilots that very easily convinced me that I will take your training around May, 2010.

So thank you once again and I’ll see you all in AZ sometime early next year,

PS: Around  1979 I went up with a very close friend who is now a Captain at NW to spin a PA-38  — this was prior to the Emergency AD changing the Spin Procedures. We were very high to begin and not so high at the end with lots of rotations in between.  It is an experience that has stayed with both of us all this time so I think your courses would be very nice indeed.  (oh, the AD on the spin procedure came by Telex a day or two after our experience).