Falcon 50/50EX

Having previously completed the 6 mission, in-aircraft, Enhanced Emergency Maneuver Training and more recently the level D Full Motion Simulator Only – Jet Upset Recovery Training programs at APS Emergency Maneuver Training, I can describe the training experience as truly exceptional. As a current Fortune 200 Falcon 50/50EX business jet Captain and former U.S. Marine Corps KC-130 Aircraft Commander and Weapons Tactics Instructor, I was impressed with the quality and scope of training that was accomplished using the ERJ Level D Full Flight Simulator. The simulator work built on the previous lessons learned in the Extra 300L, highlighted swept-wing aerodynamics and high altitude/airspeed operations, and tied everything together in the glass cockpit, transport environment applicable to the type of flying we do in the Falcon.

Clearly, the expertise of the APS instructor staff combined with the comprehensiveness of their proven training methods are the “secret ingredients” that place APS on the leading-edge of the aviation training industry. Having routinely completed FAA required simulator training in the Falcon 50 series aircraft for several years now, there is simply no comparison to the APS program in terms of stall/spin awareness and upset recovery/emergency maneuver training.

In my opinion, the integrated aircraft/simulator approach to upset recovery training offered by APS is unparalleled. I highly recommend any of the upset recovery training programs offered at APS with the firm belief that APS is the very best solution currently available in the industry to address in-flight loss of control.

Corporate Pilot – Falcon 50/50EX
Former Military Commander – KC-130 Aircraft Commander/WTI