Citation X Pilot

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding Emergency Maneuver Training Course last month. Having never been “inverted” in my aviation career, the first session was rather shocking to say the least, however, the learning process kicked in quickly after that.

Your curriculum is clear, well presented and follows logical progression. The thorough preflight briefings are interesting and very well organized providing a solid knowledge base for the mission. While I did experience some “overload” in the air, your concise analysis and corrections from the backseat were always helpful and confidence-building. The video continues to be an excellent learning resource with its accurately flown demos and narration. (It’s also a great way to impress and sometimes bore friends and family).

I will definitely recommend the [APS Emergency Maneuver Training] course to fellow pilots as an invaluable addition to the limited upset training conducted in typical heavy jet simulator courses. (Not to mention a lot of fun).