Cessna Company Test Pilot on APS Upset Recovery Training

Clint Caruth, Senior Production Test Pilot for the Cessna Aircraft Company, has recently received his Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Course at the Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) facility in Phoenix, Arizona.  Please see what this very experienced 6,000+ hour Citation Pilot has to say about his training experience.
“This is a first class program. I was very impressed with everyone on the team. They all had a smile on their face and a passion for the job. The instructors were phenomenal and their knowledge is unmatched. I was extremely impressed by the program and I learned a lot of life saving skills. It was also a comfortable experience and very enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to all professional and recreational pilots.”

Clint Caruth, Sr. Production Test Pilot, Cessna Aircraft Company

C208B, CE510S, CE525S, CE500, CE560XL, CE680, CE750