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Safety First Day in Prague, Czechia

On Monday, 3 April 2017, APS President Paul BJ Ransbury was a featured speaker along with Convergent Performance President Pat Daily at Bombardier’s first Safety First day as a pre-event to their Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Event in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Safety First by Bombardier

M&O Conferences gather over 300 owners and operators, vendors, partners and suppliers from all over the world to learn the latest improvements on the Bombardier Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft.

Day 1 Opening Speakers

Pat Daily opened the day on ‘The Deliberate Practice of Professionalism’ where he presented the various levels where professionals can, and do, intentionally operate. After a short break, Paul Ransbury finished up the morning with a presentation titled ‘Extreme Fear’ and the strategies every single person who faces crisis can use to be dramatically more effective with proper mental preparation, habituation, and training. The presentation addressed the fundamental brain systems that we can affect to enable us to rise challenges in crisis and even consistently improve our responses that happen so quickly that they haven’t reached the conscious mind. Then intentional conscious strategies are presented to further expand our individual capacities in crisis and to also positively influence groups and teams in crisis as the leader.
Ransbury wrapped up the presentation of the topic of elite expertise and mastery, challenging each participate to strive for mastery in all that they do. For those who participate in potentially dangerous work or hobbies, they were further motivated to seek expertise as in some cases, functioning at the level of a master may be the only way to survive.
Although the presentation starts with a real-world unbelievable feat of aviation flying mastery by Britain’s own Neil Williams – literally defying certain death – implementing strategies and principles address in this lecture, the engaging discussion not unique to aviation at all. It was for everyone and gave tools each participant can use the very same day.

Recording of the Live Presentation at Bombardier Event

For more detailed information on the Extreme Fear presentation by Paul BJ Ransbury, please visit:

About Bombardier Aerospace

With more than 28,500 employees and a leadership position in global markets, Bombardier Aerospace designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation products for the business, commercial, specialized and amphibious aircraft markets. We have the most comprehensive aircraft portfolio and we hold the number one position in business and regional aircraft. Our high-performance aircraft and services set the standard of excellence in several markets, including:

  • Business aircraft – Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft families
  • Commercial aircraft – new C Series program, CRJ Series and Q Series aircraft families
  • Aerostructures & Engineering Services – aircraft structures, component repair Specialized aircraft solutions – Bombardier aircraft modified for special missions
  • Aircraft services and training – aircraft parts, maintenance, comprehensive training, technical support and publications, and online services

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