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Contact: Scott Macpherson

ORLANDO, FL: TrainingPort Inc., a Canadian corporation, announced today at the National Business Aviation Association’s 59th annual convention its release of recurrent pilot training in upset recovery techniques through web delivered episodes covering recovery procedures from a variety of potentially life-threatening flight conditions.

In TrainingPort’s recurrent online course featuring APS Emergency Maneuver Training, TrainingPort presents specific upset recovery training techniques that explain and demonstrate unusual attitude recovery scenarios such as extreme nose high, low bank jet upset, or wake turbulence induced nose-low over-banked flight attitudes.

“With Loss of Control In-Flight being one of the top ranked causes of aviation accidents worldwide, TrainingPort felt the presentation of effective recovery techniques from such scenarios was the perfect method of launching our web-based recurrent training services”, said Scott Macpherson, President of TrainingPort, “Our mandate is to provide pertinent training resources that are compliant with recurrency training regulations. APS Emergency Maneuver Training’s alignment with the FAA Upset Recovery Training Aid Revision 1 made APS a natural compliment to our mission statement”. APS Emergency Maneuver Training, a FAA-approved 141 Flight School specializing in Upset Recovery, Spin Training and Instrument Recovery courses, is the leading North American organization providing these specialty courses of training for corporate pilots. APS offers a wide variety of courses focused on recognition, avoidance and, if necessary, recovery from Loss of Control In-Flight situations. Details available at .

TrainingPort consolidates the required recurrent safety training topics for business aviation pilots and delivers training from the best topic expert in each individual field. TrainingPort serves as a virtual business aviation training boutique, providing comprehensive training packages that meet the requirements of the regulations or standards under which operators fly. TrainingPort maintains an audit-ready training record demonstrating pilot currency in safety topics such as Fatigue Management, Upset Recovery Training, CFIT Avoidance, High Altitude Physiology, In- Flight Icing Considerations, and many more.

TrainingPort and APS are excited to offer this service and believe that the business aviation community will be well served by quality training delivered so simply.

For media inquiries, contact the President, Scott Macpherson via email at, by telephone at (604) 270-1343 or visit their web site at

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