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Stepped Recurrent Training For Maximum Safety

APS upset recognition and recovery training (UPRT) is transformational and unparalleled in the industry. The intensity of the program establishes a long-term, renewable knowledge and skill foundation that can be fully topped up every 2 years. Our recurrent training after initial APS UPRT is designed to maintain your skill level and reaction time in shorter training periods, helping ensure a safe flight every time.

Our recurrent program is designed to maintain skills for five years, at which time a reassessment is made on your recurrent training needs. Pilots and flight departments subscribe to the 5-year recurrent program at the time of initial training to lock in pricing.


  • Maximizes pilot immunity to the #1 fatal threat to air safety for a full 5 years.
  • Participating flight departments demonstrate a full and comprehensive
    mitigation of their operation’s #1 fatal threat to air safety, LOC-I.
  • Secures APS pricing for the selected course for a full 5 years.
  • Maintains the full Gold Standard

Gold Standard
5-Year Recurrent Program Details


Recurrent Basic at 2-Years

The Recurrent Basic course provides one-day of intensive aircraft training in piston and/or jet airplanes as appropriate to the participating pilot. Additional half-day modules can be added beyond the 1-day recurrent session.

Recurrent Basic at 4-Years

The Advanced Recurrent integrates academic, on-aircraft, and advanced simulator training in a 1.5- to 2-day course, depending on pilot needs and requirements.

Reassessment at 6-Years

At the 6-year mark, training needs, requirements, and training tools need are reassessed to ensure the pilot is receiving the training needed to maximize skills in LOC-I.

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