VFR Pilot Upset Training

Upset prevention & Recovery Training

Program Details

vfr-upset-training-extra-cockpitSuited for the VFR-only pilot to develop lifesaving skills and knowledge that will enhance upset and stall/spin prevention and recovery.

This 2.5-day, 4-mission Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course is the perfect program for VFR-only pilots of all skill levels. As a pilot taking this course, you will learn more about unusual attitudes and stall and spin prevention. You’ll receive comprehensive ground, flight, and post-flight instruction on various in-flight situations. In addition to stalls, unusual attitudes and developed spin dynamics, this course also covers the basics of all-attitude maneuvering to reinforce your upset prevention and recovery skills.

This training course includes instructor-led academic ground instruction, pilot guide booklet and practical in-platform training to ensure course concepts, techniques and methods are comprehensively learned by the participating pilot.


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USA: +1.480.279.1881

Available Enhancements

Any of the enhancements below can be added onto your base program. Click ‘Read More’ on the enhancement for additional information.

VFR Pilot Upset Training


Advanced Simulator Enhancement

Augment core UPRT knowledge and skills with an advanced multi-engine jet simulator session (for crew members or single pilots).

Advanced Spin Enhancement

Augment core UPRT knowledge and skills with an advanced spin awareness, prevention, and recovery session.

Aerobatics Enhancement

Augment core APS UPRT knowledge and skills with dedicated basic and advanced aerobatics (precision or recreational focus optional).

Formation Enhancement

Initial Formation Training for an introduction to formation principles, techniques, and flight discipline for pilots of any airplane type.

Instrument Enhancement

Augment core UPRT knowledge and skills with a dedicated instrument-only upset awareness, prevention and recovery session.

High Altitude Jet Enhancement

High altitude S211 upset training augments core UPRT skills in a swept wing, glass cockpit, all-attitude jet.

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