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A single flight devoted to finding out what Upset Recovery training is all about.

This 1-day, 1-mission course is the perfect session for pilots who want to learn more about stall/spin prevention and seek more insight into Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) benefits. You will receive comprehensive ground, flight, and post-flight instruction on basic stalls and aerobatics. The completion of this course can be credited towards any of the multi-day programs, including, but not limited to, Upset Recovery and Emergency Maneuver Training.

Important note: This is an ‘exposure’ course, not a ‘training’ course. Participants of this upset training familiarization session must understand this is an “Introduction only”. Completion of this profile will dramatically highlight the need for more training and identifies the overall lack of all-attitude recovery ability in most pilots. A decade of experience teaching thousands of pilots of all skill levels has demonstrated that a full 2-days of highly specialized APS flight training, including 5.5 hours of academics and 3 full training flights, is the minimum training required to develop basic VFR-only real-world upset recovery techniques in 98% of pilots. This has been repeatedly shown to be independent of a pilot’s certificate level, ratings (including certified flight instructors and ATPs), and total flight hours. For professional pilots, the 3-Day 5-Mission Professional Pilot Upset Training Program is the minimum program for the ‘fly-for-hire’ pilots to have transferable, all-weather upset recovery skills.

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