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Course Description

APS-approved Solution, recommended-minimum, UPRT program to maximize air safety. 

This course, the EASA-compliant APS Professional Pilot Upset Training (PPUT), is for pilots needing the EASA Advanced UPRT FCL.745.A completion certificate AND wanting:

  1. Long-lasting life-saving UPRT skills resilient in a crisis, 
  2. Experience in all the areas that must be addressed to robustly mitigate the Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) threat, and
  3. Maximize their training investment to get the best-value program available.

Developed for professional instrument-rated pilots, this course immersively ingrains the vital skills to recognize, prevent, and correctly recover from LOC-I to include all-weather environments, through improved manual handling, aeronautical decision making, risk management, and overall proficiency. Through ground, flight, and post-flight instruction, you’ll receive a deep understanding of stalls, unusual attitudes, and fully developed spins, and how to solve these conditions through proven prevention and recovery techniques in both VMC and IMC conditions.

APS UPRT instructors have substantial career all-attitude and transport category experience as well as extensive standardized UPRT-specific training. We use all-attitude capable training aircraft certified for aerobatic flight to provide the greatest margin of safety possible. This program is the minimum APS recommended UPRT course to both meet EASA requirements and ensure comprehensive training to mitigate the risk of LOC-I.

APS PPUT Course Elements

  • 2.5 Day Course (Full additional day of training over EASA’s minimums)
  • 4.6 Hours of Flight Time (40% more flight time than EASA’s minimum)
  • 7.0 Hours of Ground Instruction (40% more ground instruction than EASA’s minimums)
  • Additional Critical Training Features (Beyond EASA minimums)
    • Additional repetition-to-proficiency to assure the resilience of skills in a crisis
    • Dedicated view-limited Instrument Recovery Training essential to survival in IMC airplane upset conditions
    • Expanded stall-spin escalation training to be fully prepared for the top flight condition responsible for nearly 50% of all LOC-I events
    • Qualifies participants for APS’s 1-day Recurrent UPRT training programs

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