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EASA Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Course Description

APS-approved Solution. This course is the foundation of the world’s most comprehensive, transferable, and long-lasting Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) mitigation training courses. This comprehensive program goes to the next level beyond the Professional Pilot Upset Training course to include professional high-performance jet operations for career jet pilots. You receive immersive ground, flight, simulator, and post-flight instruction to include both maneuver-based and scenario-based training. From stalls and unusual attitudes to wake turbulence and alternate control strategies in multiple training platforms, you develop life-saving upset prevention and recovery skills transferrable to the multi-engine, high performance jet environment.

APS UPRT instructors have substantial career all-attitude and transport category experience as well as extensive standardized UPRT-specific training. We use all-attitude capable training aircraft certified for aerobatic flight to provide the greatest margin of safety possible.

Course Elements

  • 3-Day Course
  • 4 Flights
  • A 2-hour Multi-Engine Glass Cockpit Advanced Simulator Session customized for crew members of multi-engine transport category, business jet, medium turboprop, and light turboprop
  • App-based Self-Study UPRT course
  • High Performance Briefing
  • Certified compliant with the requirements of EASA Advanced UPRT FCL.745.A Guideline

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