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The most comprehensive, technically complete training available to receive the spin endorsement required for CFI candidates.

This 2-day, 2-mission Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) spin endorsement course is perfect for the budding flight instructor or aerobatic pilot looking to gain a thorough understanding of spins and spin recoveries. In addition to far exceeding the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) minimum requirements of the CFI spin endorsement, you’ll receive comprehensive ground, flight, and post-flight instruction on spin dynamics, spin prevention, CFI instructional techniques and spin recoveries. APS is proud to be the #1 provider of Part 141 certified CFI Spin Endorsements nationwide.

APS Part 141 CFI spin endorsement course prerequisites:

  • Must hold a valid Commercial Pilot License
  • Must have completed FAA Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge Test within the last 2 years

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