Dana Palmblad

VP Sales & Marketing

Dana Palmblad

Dana Palmblad is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Aviation Performance Solutions, LLC (APS).  Leveraging more than 20 years of exceptional professional expertise, Dana works closely with the entire APS team to ensure what matters most; delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Over the span of his career, Dana has been responsible for every aspect of executive management and business development including sales, marketing, product development, strategic alliances, channel management, branding, communications and public relations. His efforts have transformed many start-up companies into highly profitable, sustainable businesses, creating customer and employee loyalty and significant value for shareholders.

Prior to joining APS, Dana served as Vice President, Centers of Excellence with Miller Heiman Group, where he helped build that organization into the world’s leading sales performance training company.  He was CEO and co-founder of Resolution Software, a national CRM integration firm, providing applications specifically to support world-class sales methodologies across several of the world’s leading CRM platforms.  Dana also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MIS, Inc., where he helped increase the company’s client base to more than 1500 insurance companies and was integrally involved in coordinating the acquisition and merger of MIS with SunGard Financial Systems, a multi-billion-dollar financial services company.

Dana is excited to be part of the APS team, focusing on our mission to continue to lead the expansion of highly-effective integrated training solutions worldwide, that maximize every pilot’s decision making, ability, and airmanship, helping them to stay in control of their airplane at all times. We help pilots bring everyone home safely.