David 'DRad' Radford

Advanced Instructor Pilot

David ‘DRad’ Radford

Captain Radford joined Saudi Aviation Flight Academy (SAFA) in August 2014, as the Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) licensed Upset Prevention and Recovery Flight (UPRT) Instructor. His primary responsibilities are to administer emergency maneuver training to flight students and professional pilots in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in addition to building the emergency maneuver training program at SAFA.

The vast majority of Captain Radford’s all-attitude flight experience accumulated over his 20-year military career as a Naval Aviator. After completion of his primary and advanced flight training while serving in the U.S. Navy, Captain Radford was designated as a military pilot. Captain Radford has flown many different aircraft to include helicopters, multi-engine turbo props and single-engine fully aerobatic turbo prop primary flight trainers. Captain Radford was a military flight instructor for over 15 years and earned his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) / Instrument Instructor Airplane (CFII) in May 2014 prior to his transition from military service. After completing his ratings, Captain Radford began instructing emergency maneuver applicants for all fixed wing ratings at APS Headquarters in Mesa, Arizona prior to moving to KSA in November 2014 to continue that path in the Kingdom.

Captain Radford holds the following certificates:

  • USA Federal Aviation Administration – Commercial Pilot License Airplane Single-Engine, Multi-Engine Instrument Airplane and Rotorcraft
  • USA Federal Aviation Administration – Flight Instructor Airplane Single-Engine and Rotorcraft

Additional qualifications:

  • Graduate of APS Emergency Maneuver Training, Instructor Pilot Upgrade (IPUG) Academy