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Specialty Aviation Training

While Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is a core focus, APS offers several additional courses which can be accomplished in conjunction with an upset training program, or on their own. The same standardization, instructor pilot excellence, and attention to detail will be evident in any line of training you receive from APS.

APS instructors are available to share their expertise and assist you in reaching the proficiency and airmanship goals you are striving to achieve.


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Other Programs

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High Performance Briefing
This practical academic presentation covers high-speed flight aerodynamics essential for all jet pilots, as well as performance co...
Jet Upset Training App
This app presents the content of the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid, Revision 2 in an easy to use format for a variety of p...
Tailwheel Checkout
Instruction necessary for the tailwheel endorsement required by FAR Part 61.31(i).
Aerobatics Indoctrination Course
A 5-day, 9-mission introduction to aerobatic flight.
CFI Spin Endorsement
The most comprehensive, technically complete training available to receive the spin endorsement required for CFI candidates.
Part 141 Completion Certificate
Specific courses of APS instruction have been approved and certified by the FAA as Specialty Training courses.
Formation Flight Operations Course
The ultimate initial formation training program designed to teach formation principles, techniques, and discipline to pilots of an...
Basic Extra 300L Checkout
An aircraft checkout program designed for participants with significant tailwheel and high-performance experience.
Advanced Extra 300L Checkout
An aircraft checkout program designed for participants who want the most familiarity and proficiency in all aspects of the Extra 3...
Customized Aerobatics
APS can provide a program specifically designed to meet your personal flying objectives, whether it’s to simply improve your fly...

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