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Julian Eftekar

Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations

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J Eftekar APS

For over 20 years, Julian Eftekar has been a leader in building organizations that last. He started his career in management consulting with a keen eye towards leveraging talent, systems, and best practices to bring maximum value to companies. 

Julian moved into the intellectual property space and led the international expansion of the world’s largest performance rights organization for movies and tv. He was committed to standardizing core aspects of the business with the flavor that was unique to each operating company in its own language, culture, and people. His thoughtfulness and integrated approach led to explosive growth in over 60 markets globally.

Weary of travel and with a growing cadre of Eftekars at home, Julian pivoted. He bought his own marketing and brand identity company. There he introduced new product lines of brand design and websites, social, and paid media to companies like Gilead, Nuvasive, and Taylormade.

With the COVID-19 outbreak and a desire to leave a lasting mark, Julian began to reevaluate his own purpose and mission. An aviation enthusiast, though not practicing for over a decade, he came across APS—an organization dedicated to saving lives, and bringing everyone home safely. 

At APS, Julian leads corporate communications and commercial operations. He works with an astonishing array of talent who pride themselves on safety, service, accountability, excellence, optimism, and dreams—with integrity, without egos. Julian is honored to join with the men and women of APS to make aviation safer for everyone and advance a mission that will last into the 21st century. 


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