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Faye Hamilton

VP Customer Experience

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Faye Hamilton’s experience in the aviation industry began in 1997 as an operations manager for an aerobatic/airshow company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where she developed unique skills in executive management, passenger service and safety, scheduling and announcing at airshows, and coordinating numerous aviation events. It was here she caught the ‘aviation bug’ and was introduced to the APS team and the concept of unusual attitudes and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Together with her prior experience in network marketing and sales in the industrial, institutional and commercial market places, she recognized an opportunity at APS and was immediately committed to being an integral part of the company’s growth. Faye joined APS in January 2000 as a corporate sales manager, coordinator, and airshow announcer. Her entrepreneur spirit and passion for establishing customer relationships has allowed Faye to play a pivotal role in the APS growth. Faye became an owner in 2008 and her favorite moments continue to be meeting the clients in person she spent years corresponding with via email. Although Faye is still actively involved in sales, she moved into the role of VP Customer Experience in the summer of 2017. Her primary duties include tracking, overseeing and optimizing all customer interactions and increasing customer loyalty. Her department is also responsible for improving customer experience with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction with clients, pilots, and aircraft scheduling at all APS locations. She contributes to annual business, and organizational and strategic planning, as well as performing special projects at the direction of the president. Faye moved to the United States from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, in November 2000, and lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, who owns an aircraft charter company. She loves animals, flying and traveling with her husband when the opportunity arises.

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