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Arizona, USA is the corporate headquarters of Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) as well as the largest training center in the APS network. All APS training locations offer identical quality-assured, standardized services. APS Arizona is located in Mesa in Phoenix’s Southeast Valley, which is ranked as the sunniest region in North America and, therefore, one of leaders in excellent visual flight rules (VFR) flying conditions. Mesa itself is one of the fastest growing cities in the valley with easy access to a diversity of accommodations, shopping, and entertainment.

  • Located at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA)
  • 300+ days of average sunshine per year
  • Largest civilian fleet of dedicated upset training aircraft in one location
  • Fly over the beautiful Sonoran Desert
  • Home to Cessna and Embraer Service Centers

About Our Facility

APS Arizona is a featured tenant of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA). In addition to being just a 40-minute drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, KIWA itself is served by Allegiant Airlines operating to and from a variety of locations throughout the United States. Serviced by three 9,000’+ runways, KIWA supports several major flight schools, including the University of North Dakota, Arizona State University, and all Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) in addition to APS. Occasioned by regular military traffic, the airport has booming fixed-base flight operations, a transient ramp, flight line cafe, and corporate jet services. The training airspace used by APS Arizona is just a short three minute flight from the airport where the APS team enjoys designated operating airspace outside of Class B airspace and deconfliction from the busy operations of both KIWA and Sky Harbor Airport.

Phoenix supports professional football, hockey, basketball, and baseball teams in addition to a wide variety of performing arts, museums, and cultural centers. Whether you are coming as an individual pilot, flight crew or with your entire family, APS Arizona and its surrounding attractions will make your visit educational, fun, and memorable.


APS upset training courses teach every participant to recover from a wide diversity of in-flight upset situations or flight envelope excursions. Most importantly, the APS Arizona training programs are focused on promoting recognition and avoidance through in-flight and simulator training integrated with a thorough theoretical understanding of the aerodynamics involved with each potential flight condition. To accomplish this, pilots are immersed into the world of unusual attitude and uncommon flight envelope conditions, while instilling participants with effective recognition, avoidance, and recovery capabilities.


The entire team at APS Arizona is devoted to making your flight training session an exciting, memorable highlight. From the moment you make your first contact with APS to the actual flight and beyond, you’ll be in the hands of professionals. Each instructor pilot’s professional flight experience spans a highly specialized spectrum of aviation that uniquely qualifies them as the ideal training providers. All have extensive experience in general aviation, aerobatic maneuvering, military instruction, technologically advanced aircraft, and commercial and/or transport category flight operations.

We look forward to flying with you!

  • 2-Time Master CFI
  • Check Airman
  • Advanced UPRT Instructor
Karl ‘Schlimmer’ Schlimm
Karl ‘Schlimmer’ Schlimm
Chief of Standards and Evaluation
  • 4-time Master CFI
  • Check Airman
  • Advanced UPRT Instructor
Capt. Clarke ‘Otter’ McNeace
Capt. Clarke ‘Otter’ McNeace
VP Flight Ops & Standards
  • APS Director of Ops
  • A-4 Skyhawk UPRT IP
  • Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
  • MCFI-A
Philip ‘O.P.’ Oppenheimer (LCol Retired)
Philip ‘O.P.’ Oppenheimer (LCol Retired)
AZ Director of Flight Operations
  • CFI
  • DFE
  • FWIC
Dave ‘Dunto’ Dunteman
Dave ‘Dunto’ Dunteman
Advanced Instructor Pilot
  • USAF Academy Graduate
  • C-17 pilot
  • USAF T-6 Instructor
  • MCFI-A
Mike ‘Slugg’ Bugg
Mike ‘Slugg’ Bugg
Advanced Instructor Pilot
  • USAF Instructor Pilot
  • F-16 pilot
  • Col. USAF (Ret)
  • CFI-I
Lee ‘Monty’ Hall
Lee ‘Monty’ Hall
Advanced Instructor Pilot

Aircraft & Simulators

The following training platforms are available at APS Arizona to provide your training:

Extra 300L Aerobatic-capable Aircraft

World's Highest Performance Certified Aerobatic Airplane

The Extra 300L, boasting jet-like performance, has no prohibited maneuvers and a max gross climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm, making it one the safest aerobatic-airplanes in existence.

SIAI-Marchetti S211 Sweptwing Glass-cockpit Jet Trainer

While the basic concepts of upset prevention and recovery training apply to all fixed-wing airplanes, turn rates and radius of turn vary with speed, and acceleration profiles and sustained load factors can be different between jet and piston aircraft.


The Aviation Performance Solutions headquarters, based in Mesa Arizona, occupies a 25,000 square foot facility located on the northern flight line of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC
Gateway Aviation Center  Building
5803 S. Sossaman Road Suite #104
Mesa, Arizona 85212
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Office: 480-279-1881

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