What are the height and weight restrictions?

FAQ #4 - Height, Weight & Other Options


“What are my options if I don’t meet height & weight restrictions?…
And, do you have other programs I can start with other than real airplane training?”

“As a wildfire suppression (airtanker) pilot, the APS upset training course is simply the best life assurance I can obtain … the web-based Core Upset Recovery Concepts training program allows me to review essential aerodynamics at my leisure, and brush up in preparation for recurrent training. I am looking forward to enrolling in the APS full motion simulator training course. Simulator training should provide in-depth evaluation of emergency procedures, and proficiency, beyond what I can safely accomplish in an aircraft.

Walter Darran
Wildfire Suppression Airtanker Pilot (Grumman S2T)
ATP SMELS; 24,000+ hours, military/airline/bush/wildfire suppression.
Former Naval Aviator, Air America, retired American Airlines (A300-600R Captain).


At APS, we offer comprehensive Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) programs to meet the needs of individual pilots, business flight departments, military/government agencies, airlines, flight schools and all levels of flight instructors. Click on your aviation sector below to find out more, or contact us to speak with someone personally:

UPRT Specific to Your Sector:

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

There are 5 key differentiators that make UPRT from APS unlike other training providers.

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