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ORLANDO, FL: Flight Training Services International’s worldwide flight training academy, the Commercial Airline Pilot Training (CAPT) Program based at the Flagler County Airport in Palm Coast, FL, announced today at the National Business Aviation Association’s 59th annual convention that it has selected APS Emergency Maneuver Training as its provider of Upset Recovery Training.

APS Emergency Maneuver Training, an FAA-approved 141 Flight School specializing in Upset Recovery, Spin Training and Instrument Recovery courses, offers what has been coined the “Master’s Degree Program in Emergency Maneuver Training”. The APS staff of instructors are all former military formal-course instructor pilots with vast airline experience to ensure the recovery techniques taught at APS will be indispensable to the CAPT graduates throughout their professional pilot career. In addition, the APS fleet of German-built Extra 300Ls is the ideal classroom to safely instruct all aspects of the various APS training programs. Although APS teaches its course within the performance capabilities of both General Aviation and Business Jet aircraft, the Extra 300L is certified to +/- 10G’s, has no prohibited maneuvers, boasts jet-like performance and has a climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm, making it one of the safest and most capable aircraft in the sky. More information is available online at www.apstraining.com.

“CAPT is committed to providing the highest quality training available to the General Aviation Community. Whether it’s a GA Owner & Operator or a CAPT Ab-Initio Student, our training programs provide the highest level of comprehensive training available. We recognize that loss of control, while in-flight, is one of the leading causes of aviation accidents. Therefore, it only makes sense to teach pilots upset recovery techniques.” said Shawn Raker, President of Flight Training Services International, “APS Emergency Maneuver Training has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide our students with the highest quality training available in the marketplace in a manner that directly compliments our vision and training curriculum”.

CAPT, a division of Flight Training Services International, offers Cirrus owners and operators initial and recurrent training in the full line of Cirrus aircraft. CAPT also offers a full-immersion, one-year program that trains individuals with no flight experience to the highest standards of the commercial airline industry. It uses the latest technologies to deliver airline-specific training, including in-flight video cameras, self-reflecting journaling, line operations safety audits, and a curriculum built on a foundation of crew concepts and crew resource management. More information is available on-line at http://www.captprogram.org/.

For media inquiries, contact the APS Business Development Manager, Tara Hamilton, toll free at 480-459-1661 or via email at [email protected]

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

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