METP UPRT Enhancement

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Enhancement Details

METP Wake Turbulence Encounter En RouteAugment core UPRT knowledge and skills by adding a dedicated culminating session in a Multi-engine Turboprop (METP) simulator session delivered in its entirety by APS UPRT experts.

Multi-engine Turboprop aircraft cannot be intentionally, legally, or safely flown into many upset conditions. Reinforcing the transfer of APS All-Attitude Upset Recovery Strategy™ skills in an all-attitude environment (while preserving required margins of safety) requires the use of a specialized flight simulation training devices.

ATTENTION: Please review the APS METP UPRT Press Release announcing this service at APS:

At APS headquarters in Arizona, our team integrated web-based preparatory, high performance prop on-aircraft, and Multi-engine turboprop simulator training programs into the world’s most comprehensive and effective safety training services to overcome the LOC-I threat for METP flight departments, air taxi services, and individual pilots alike. This 3-day course is unparalleled and proven to save lives. Every graduate, without exception, testifies of the critical importance of APS UPRT to their daily safety in both normal operations and demanding operational environments.

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Programs Available

This enhancement can be added onto any of the base programs listed here. Click ‘Read More’ beside the program for additional information.

METP UPRT Enhancement


VFR Pilot Upset Training

Ideal for VFR pilots seeking comprehensive upset and stall/spin upset awareness, prevention and recovery.

Professional Pilot Upset Training

Structured for instrument-rated pilots to embed long-lasting knowledge and skills to defeat all-weather airplane upsets.

Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Designed for multi-engine, high performance, career jet pilots to transport category-level stall and airplane upset skills.

Recurrent Upset Training

Powerful upset training refresher course for APS graduates to revitalize critical loss of control in-light UPRT skillsets.

Jet Pilot Simulator-only Upset Training

Addresses the loss of control in-flight needs of the professional transport category pilot to reduce the risk of stall/upset.

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