Formation Enhancement

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Enhancement Details

Initial Formation Training for an introduction to formation principles, techniques, and flight discipline for pilots of any airplane type.

Whether your interest in formation flight stems from a need to conduct flight test chase, air-to-air photography, ferry multiple aircraft cross-country, or just experience the manual handling challenges inherent in maneuvering relative to another aircraft, APS can introduce you to the art and science of formation flight. The combination of APS Instructor Pilot expertise in formation operations combined with the excellent formation handling characteristics of the Extra 300L make APS the best place to learn the fundamentals of formation safety and flight discipline. Scheduling of pilots in pairs may be required.

Example formation operations:

  • Air-to-air photoshoot profiles
  • 2-Ship shadowing techniques for airborne target monitoring
  • Fly-by techniques and parade formations
  • 4-Ship formation operations
  • Extended basic formation proficiency flying

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USA: +1.480.279.1881

Programs Available

This enhancement can be added onto any of the base programs listed here. Click ‘Read More’ beside the program for additional information.

Formation Orientation Enhancement


VFR Pilot Upset Training

Ideal for VFR pilots seeking comprehensive upset and stall/spin upset awareness, prevention and recovery.

Professional Pilot Upset Training

Structured for instrument-rated pilots to embed long-lasting knowledge and skills to defeat all-weather airplane upsets.

Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Designed for multi-engine, high performance, career jet pilots to transport category-level stall and airplane upset skills.

Recurrent Upset Training

*APS Graduates Only*: Powerful refresher course for APS graduates to revitalize critical UPRT skillsets.

Jet Pilot Simulator-only Upset Training

Addresses the loss of control in-flight needs of the professional transport category pilot to reduce the risk of stall/upset.

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