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Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

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Augment core APS UPRT knowledge and skills with dedicated basic and advanced aerobatics (precision or recreational focus optional).

Aerobatics are viewed by some as being foundational to upset recovery training, yet industry-compliant Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is not at all the same as aerobatics. This particular module should be viewed as a fun, experience-enhancing session—not primarily of value to the transferrable expansion of UPRT capability to reduce the risk of Loss of Control In-flight. With that said, there was a time when aerobatic maneuvering of one degree or another was a part of all primary pilot training. As aircraft and pilot training standards evolved it was thought that all-attitude maneuvering was no longer necessary for modern pilots. As recent trends in accident statistics have shown, there are some basic elements of all-attitude flying which provide essential skillsets to all aviators. These fundamentals of all-attitude orientation and control are introduced and revisited through APS initial and core recurrent UPRT.

For those who wish to further enhance their manual handling skills and aerobatic capabilities there is the Aerobatics Enhancement recurrent UPRT module. Added on to the core UPRT skills reinvigorated on day one of recurrent training, the optional Aerobatics Enhancement allows for the time to practice classic aerobatic maneuvering and learn how these precision maneuvering skills can enhance your daily flying. Whether it is the autorotation of a snap roll or the lift vector orientation practiced in a hesitation roll, your expert APS instructor can explain the aerodynamic factors involved and relate them to the control of your aircraft where/if applicable.

Aerobatics Menu

Customers should consider that a minimum of four minutes per maneuver is generally required to develop some level of proficiency, however ten minutes is ideal. For a fun flight just about adrenaline and seeing how much you can handle (i.e. adventure over learning), approximately one minute per maneuver is sufficient for a ‘show and do’ exposure to the maneuver. Please plan accordingly.

Basic aerobatics

  • Aileron roll, slow roll, loop, hammerhead turn, barrel roll, upright spins, snap roll and inverted flight

Compound maneuvers

  • Half cuban eight, reverse half Cuban Eight, Immelmann, and Split S (half roll and pull through)

Advanced aerobatics

  • Tail slide, torque roll, avalanche, upright flat spin, accelerated spin and inverted spin

Optional unlimited/Freestyle aerobatics

  • Tumble/lomcevak, knife edge spin-up, outside loop and rolling turns

Client menu options

  • Additional exercises selected by client at the discretion of the APS instructor

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USA: +1.480.279.1881

Programs Available

This enhancement can be added onto any of the base programs listed here. Click ‘Read More’ beside the program for additional information.

Aerobatics Enhancement


VFR Pilot Upset Training

Ideal for VFR pilots seeking comprehensive upset and stall/spin upset awareness, prevention and recovery.

Professional Pilot Upset Training

Structured for instrument-rated pilots to embed long-lasting knowledge and skills to defeat all-weather airplane upsets.

Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Designed for multi-engine, high performance, career jet pilots to transport category-level stall and airplane upset skills.

Recurrent Upset Training

*APS Graduates Only*: Powerful refresher course for APS graduates to revitalize critical UPRT skillsets.

Jet Pilot Simulator-only Upset Training

Addresses the loss of control in-flight needs of the professional transport category pilot to reduce the risk of stall/upset.

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