Advanced Spin Enhancement

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Enhancement Details

Augment core UPRT knowledge and skills with an advanced spin awareness, prevention, and recovery session.

Stalls are the leading cause of all Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) accidents. For all pilots, a comprehensive understanding of the stall/spin escalation process—and how to stop it—is essential.

The special operational missions required by some participating APS customers may take pilots into the higher angle of attack regimes where stalls and departure from controlled flight become a more prevalent occupational hazard. Intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance, wildlife management, law enforcement, aerial application, military fixed wing operations and other special missions can entail greater exposure to the LOC-I threat than more typical civilian flight operations. For these pilots, or those interested in the opportunity to practice spin recoveries from inadvertent entries and advanced spins, the spin enhancement module specifically addresses these regimes beyond the basics of general spin awareness as is addressed in several of the APS base and recurrent programs.

The advanced spin enhancement provides a review of all aspects of spin dynamics and recovery considerations. Aerodynamic factors, dynamic properties, certification impacts, and various recovery alternatives are presented. Spin recoveries are practiced with the confidence which comes from an aircraft designed expressly for aerobatic capability and spin recovery in all situations. The advanced spin enhancement allows for a certainly level of customization to specifically consider the recovery techniques for your aircraft, whether your airplane is certified for spins or not.

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Programs Available

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Advanced Spin Enhancement


VFR Pilot Upset Training

Ideal for VFR pilots seeking comprehensive upset and stall/spin upset awareness, prevention and recovery.

Professional Pilot Upset Training

Structured for instrument-rated pilots to embed long-lasting knowledge and skills to defeat all-weather airplane upsets.

Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Designed for multi-engine, high performance, career jet pilots to transport category-level stall and airplane upset skills.

Recurrent Upset Training

Powerful upset training refresher course for APS graduates to revitalize critical loss of control in-light UPRT skillsets.

Jet Pilot Simulator-only Upset Training

Addresses the loss of control in-flight needs of the professional transport category pilot to reduce the risk of stall/upset.

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