Advanced Simulator Enhancement

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Enhancement Details

Augment core UPRT knowledge and skills with an advanced multi-engine jet simulator session (for crew members or single pilots).

There is no single component of training that can comprehensively prepare pilots to mitigate the threat of LOC-I. Academics provide the foundational knowledge to informed decisions and actions in an emergency, but time and psychology do not always allow us access to our full cognitive abilities in an upset event. Practical training is required to be able to safely and effectively employ the All-Attitude Upset Recovery Strategy™ in an emerging or developed airplane upset event.

While an all-attitude capable aerobatic certified aircraft provides critical and irreplaceable training in the reality of an actual airplane upset event, the working environment for professional pilots differs greatly from most all-attitude capable airplanes.

The transfer of core UPRT skills, practiced during the first day of APS core recurrent UPRT or any other base program, can be augmented through the addition of the Advanced Multi-Engine Jet Simulator Enhancement module. This additional half day of training allows for the practice of core UPRT skills in a multi-engine, two-pilot cockpit environment which is representative of a transport category flight deck. Limitations to visibility, heavier control forces, lower pitch and roll rates, and reduced structural margins can make recovering a transport category aircraft significantly more challenging than a light aerobatic aircraft.

Using a variety of Flight Simulation Training Devices, APS teaches pilots how the basic UPRT skills learned transfer to the transport category aircraft. For pilots who have participated in on-aircraft training with APS but have not participated in UPRT in a flight simulator with APS, the Advanced Multi-Engine Jet Simulator recurrent UPRT module can show you the big picture, and how it applies to preventing and recovering from aircraft upsets in your aircraft.

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Programs Available

This enhancement can be added onto any of the base programs listed here. Click ‘Read More’ beside the program for additional information.

Advanced Simulator Enhancement


VFR Pilot Upset Training

Ideal for VFR pilots seeking comprehensive upset and stall/spin upset awareness, prevention and recovery.

Professional Pilot Upset Training

Structured for instrument-rated pilots to embed long-lasting knowledge and skills to defeat all-weather airplane upsets.

Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Designed for multi-engine, high performance, career jet pilots to transport category-level stall and airplane upset skills.

Recurrent Upset Training

*APS Graduates Only*: Powerful refresher course for APS graduates to revitalize critical UPRT skillsets.

Jet Pilot Simulator-only Upset Training

Addresses the loss of control in-flight needs of the professional transport category pilot to reduce the risk of stall/upset.

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