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Arizona High Performance Aviation Company Announces Business Manager of the Decade

Contact: Tara Hamilton

MESA, ARIZONA USA: Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), announced Faye Topping as the recipient of their prestigious Business Manager of the Decade – Award of Corporate Excellence. As the senior business manager of both subsidiaries, APS Emergency Maneuver Training and Fighter Combat International, Faye has excelled in every management position held with APS since joining their team in January 2000.
“It is truly an honor to present Faye with this award. She has, without fail, demonstrated consistently superior business development, management and creative growth skills over the past 7 1/2 years.” Says Paul BJ Ransbury, President of Aviation Performance Solutions LLC. Ransbury continues, “Her most powerful gift is that of daily selfless service to every client and each staff member alike. It is with great pleasure that we also welcome Faye as an owner and partner in Aviation Performance Solutions LLC.” Faye Topping leads APS in day-to-day operations in addition to being the company’s Director of Sales. As VP Business Operations, Faye interacts with each and every client that participates in any of APS’s numerous training services and adventures.
Professional Background – Faye Topping: Upon leaving the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in psychology, Faye launched her entrepreneurial career with tremendous sustained success with a leading-edge network-marketing organization where she traveled throughout North America and overseas. With over four years in sales and presenting hundreds of self-designed personal development seminars dedicated to business success in the 90s, Faye changed focus and moved into the position of Territorial Manager of Sales for State Chemical Products, Inc. based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Her keen love of aviation developed later when she was hired as the Air Show Coordinator, Operations Manager and Sales Executive for Larry Wiesner Aerobatics based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Three years in this fast-paced extreme aviation market brought Faye to Aviation Performance Solutions as an Air Show Team Announcer, Event Coordinator and International Account Manager. Faye was a critical member of the corporate development team that transplanted the original Canadian entity to the United States in 2001. Faye was instrumental in the dramatic growth, development and total redesign of the spectrum of business services offered by APS supporting clients from around the world. Faye currently holds the position of Vice President of Business Operations based at APS headquarters in Mesa, Arizona. In addition to being fluently bilingual in French, Faye is a friendly confident professional that puts public image and customer service second only to personal integrity.
ABOUT APS EMERGENCY MANEUVER TRAINING: APS Emergency Maneuver Training, an FAA-approved 141 Flight School specializing in Upset Recovery, Spin Training and Instrument Recovery courses, offers what has been appropriately coined the “Master’s Degree Program in Emergency Maneuver Training” and is receiving an influx of positive attention by pilots and aviation companies throughout the aviation industry. As a compliment to its industry-leading $3 million training facility in Arizona, APS uses the Extra 300L German-built aerobatic training aircraft. The Extra 300L provides the safest in-flight training environment possible, yet allows a pilot to explore any flight envelope or maneuver series desired. This aircraft is the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the world and allows realistic training amidst a safe environment under the guidance of military-trained commercially-experienced expert flight instructors. The company has the resources to train thousands of students each year and offers qualifying training partners the capability to establish their very own remote turn-key upset recovery training program founded on proven APS technologies.
ABOUT FIGHTER COMBAT INTERNATIONAL: Fighter Combat International is a high-performance aviation adventure organization that provides the general public the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of being a Fighter Pilot or an Air Show Pilot. Fighter Combat’s services range from single day courses to week-long thrilling aviation experience packages. Unique in its exclusive employment of real fourth-generation military fighter pilots and instance on the presentation of modern air combat tactics and world-class aerobatic maneuvers, Fighter Combat International is the best equipped, most expertly staffed, service-focused aerial adventure company in the world today.
For media inquiries, photos and flight information, visit: and or contact the APS VP Business Development, Tara Hamilton, toll free at 1-866-359-4273 or via email at

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