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Arizona Flight Training Company Announces Innovative Upset Recovery Technique



MESA, ARIZONA USA: APS Emergency Maneuver Training, a subsidiary of Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), announced today the release and integration of the All-Attitude Upset Recovery Technique. This innovative methodology and recovery technique is directly applicable to operators of all categories of fixed wing aircraft.

The announcement of the All-Attitude Upset Recovery Technique is in response to rapid growth in the aviation marketplace of accelerated training programs designed to produce highly skilled pilots at all levels of professional aviation. Mentoring programs for high-performance technically advanced personal aircraft, transition training curriculums for Very Light Jet (VLJ) manufacturers as well as accelerated professional pilot certifications, such as the Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL), have all identified upset recovery training as key training component to their syllabi.

“Loss of Control In-Flight (LCIF) continues to represent one of the leading causes of commercial aviation accidents around the world. For over a decade, APS has been on the leading edge of upset recovery research, instructional technique development and the advancement of hands-on piloting skills that save lives.” says Paul BJ Ransbury, President of APS Emergency Maneuver Training, “The All-Attitude Upset Recovery technique integrates a century of flight envelope research with proven recovery procedures of the military, major commercial aircraft manufacturers and the Federal Aviation Administration.” Mr. Ransbury explains that the extensive academic understanding imparted to pilot trainees participating in APS’s multi-day training courses, combined with proprietary building-block advanced flight training philosophy, produces pilot graduates armed with the knowledge and practical skill to recognize, avoid and, if necessary, recover from most any in-flight upset situation.


APS Emergency Maneuver Training, an FAA-approved 141 Flight School specializing in Upset Recovery, Spin Training and Instrument Recovery courses, offers what has been appropriately coined the “Master’s Degree Program in Emergency Maneuver Training” and is receiving an influx of positive attention by pilots and aviation companies throughout the aviation industry. As a compliment to its industry-leading $3 million training facility in Arizona, APS uses the Extra 300L German-built aerobatic training aircraft. The Extra 300L provides the safest in-flight training environment possible, yet allows a pilot to explore any flight envelope or maneuver series desired. This aircraft is the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the world and allows realistic training amidst a safe environment under the guidance of military-trained commercially-experienced expert flight instructors. The company has the resources to train thousands of students each year and offers qualifying training partners the capability to establish their very own remote turn-key upset recovery training program founded on proven APS technologies.


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