APS Upset Recovery Training Reduces Insurance Premiums

Aviation Performance Solutions was encouraged to see it’s powerful strategic partnership with CAE, Inc. and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in the news once again today …

AIN Article: Aircraft Acquisition Planning Seminar

By: Harry Weisberger
January 14, 2015

“… Insurance premiums are affected by risk management strategies, which are beginning to include innovative flight crew training programs aimed at preventing loss of control in flight (LOC-I), a major cause of fatal airline and business aviation accidents. Andrew Spiegel, vice president for underwriting at USAIG in Los Angeles, discussed how risk management programs might reduce premiums. He said including flight training in an existing safety management system (SMS) could make an operator’s risk more attractive to underwriters. Spiegel said that although USAIG is evaluating the risk mitigation potential of such training it has not yet instituted formal premium incentives to encourage it.

APS Cockpit“Upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) that does offer such incentives is an arrangement among international risk reinsurer and underwriter Swiss Re, flight simulation provider CAE and training operator Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), based at Mesa Gateway Airport (Phoenix). Swiss Re’s Corporate Solutions offers premium credits of up to $25,000 to offset UPRT course costs as well as those of initial and recurrent pilot training.

“To date, four companies have sent pilots to the UPRT course and approximately 20 have completed it, with another six companies signed up, said Drake Manning, communications vice president for SR Corporate Solutions. “There are other such programs available in the industry, but we are not aware of any offering this same approach and, to our knowledge, no other offers financial incentives tied to aviation risk management and insurance.”

“The three-day UPRT program integrates preparatory web-based self-study, 4.5 flight hours in the high-performance aerobatic Extra 300L, 7.5 hours of ground instruction, a one-hour jet-specific briefing, and a two-hour session in a model-specific Level-D CAE business jet full-flight simulator.

Total cost is $6,922 per pilot. APS offers an optional add-on to the Swiss Re/CAE/APS syllabus: the A-4 Skyhawk upset recovery program, which provides actual experience in departing the envelope during high-altitude (above FL300), all-attitude high-Mach flight …”


Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

There are 5 key differentiators that make UPRT from APS unlike other training providers.

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