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APS Graduate Quiz: Get Your Basic Certificate


Keep up the great work! You are nearing the completion of your basic course on Upset Prevention & Recovery Training at Aviation Performance Solutions.

If you'd like to receive a APS Basic Course Completion Certificate then please complete the quiz below. With a successfully completed quiz (80% or higher) a link to your certificate will be automatically mailed to you!

The questions that follow are based on the questions in the back of the APS Pilot Guide in the "Quiz Section" for URTs 1, 2 and 3. Each question was discussed at the end of the relevant briefing on that topic during your training at APS. Please be sure to DOUBLE CHECK the EMAIL ADDRESS you enter below as that is where we'll be sending your quiz results.

You can attempt this quiz a total of three times.

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What is the primary objective during every upset recovery?

In reference to the Coefficient of Lift (CL) curve, is the CL value a function of airspeed or AOA?

What is/are the possible characteristic(s) of a stall according to APS and the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid? Select one response below.

Does the nose always drop in an aerodynamic stall in all airplanes?

What is the most effective flight control for reducing AOA?

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