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APS provides door prize for WATS

WATS 2013 was a hWATS 2014uge success, with 931 attendees from 49 countries including 94 airlines. This year “WATS 2014” is the 17th annual World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow. Numerous breakout sessions are being held to discuss Upset Prevention and Recovery Training during the world’s biggest gathering of aviation training professionals.

All WATS 2014 attendees of session 7 will be eligible for a draw to win a free one-day ‘Introduction to Upset Prevention and Recovery Training’ course, donated by Aviation Performance
Solutions (APS). The winner will receive ground, flight, and post-flight
instruction on stall stability and all attitude awareness exercises. If
desired, the completion of the course can be credited towards the
multi-day programs offered in any of the USA or European locations
of APS. More information on WATS 2014.

See the link: WATS-2014/World-Airline-Pilot-Conference.


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