APS President Speaks on Upset Recovery at NBAA NW Regional Meeting


APS president, Paul BJ Ransbury

APS president, Paul BJ Ransbury, speaks on international developments in upset prevention and upset recovery training.

Loss of Control In-Flight: Mitigation Strategies for Business Aviation

Presented by Paul Ransbury, Aviation Performance Solutions

Powerful advancements made by the Royal Aeronautical Society’s International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE) are being widely adopted by the training community. During this session attendees learned how to: (NBAA NW Forum Agenda)

  • Understand the enhanced stall and upset recovery training mandates for commercial air carriers,
  • Implications of AC 120-109,
  • Use current resources to train for upset recovery/stall prevention, and
  • Understand data that indicates loss of control in-flight is the leading cause of accidents in commercial aviation.

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

There are 5 key differentiators that make UPRT from APS unlike other training providers.

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