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APS Europe Open for Business: Upset Recovery Training

APS EuropeWe are excited to announce that APS Europe is open for business.
APS Europe completed its instructor standardized and business team training in October 2012 at the Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) headquarters in Mesa, Arizona USA. Following three months of standardization training, testing, quality assurance and facility renovations in the Netherlands, APS Europe meets and exceeds all stated APS standards. APS selected APS Europe based on its 15 years of experience operating as the Test & Training Centre at the Seppe Airport where their team delivered a variety of professional aviation training services including upset recovery training, aerobatics and unusual attitude maneuvering programs. APS Europe’s extensive previous experience providing training to the military, general aviation and professional pilots, combined with their keen sense of training quality and unparalleled customer service, made them an ideal joint venture partner with APS USA.
APS Europe LLC is a Arizona USA limited liability company operating in the Netherlands with majority ownership by APS USA.

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