APS AIAA Briefing: Main Wing Icing and Upset Recovery

David Carroll-APS InstructoDavid ‘Zog’ Carroll Presents at the AIAA 2014

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Simulation Technologies Conference 2014

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has published a paper, co-authored by Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, President of Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), and David Carroll, Director of Training Programs, on the topic of Air Frame Icing Influences on the Risk of Loss of Control In-flight. The paper highlights the need to include all of the aerodynamic impacts of air frame icing in simulator icing models. Often, simulator models replicate an icing event merely by adding weight to the aircraft. There are several more significant impacts that are often missing from the simulator’s icing model. Included in these are additional drag, the reduction of the Coefficient of Lift for a given angle of attack, and the reduction of the stall angle of attack. In addition, the paper discusses mitigation strategies, to include realistic Upset Recovery Training, to improve the survivability of icing encounters.

At their invitation, Mr. Carroll presented this paper to the AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference on 15 January 2014 at National Harbor, MD, which was a part of the AIAA’s SciTech 2014 Convention. The conference addresses the research and training challenges that the flight simulation community faces; the successes, innovations and experiences that compliment and counter them; and the applications that will lead into the future. The AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Committee members include many of the key players in cutting edge simulation technology. David’s presentation was well received by those in attendance.

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Video recording of AIAA Presentation

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