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APS Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) Rental Capacity

Available APS Simulator Rental

APS has a sophisticated Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with excess capacity available for rental to pilots and instructors for pilot training and instrument currency. Quick qualification sessions are available at no cost.

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Aircraft Types

Simulate 7 Different Aircraft

  • C-172 with either Round Dials or Flat Panel
  • Complex single engine with retractable gear
  • Seminole with either Round Dials or Flat Panel
  • Light Multi Engine Turboprop (approximates a King Air 200)
  • Large Multi Engine Turboprop (similar to an ATR42)
  • Light Multi Engine Jet (based on a Citation II)
  • Medium Multi Engine Jet Medium (emulates a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320)


ALSIM Rental


  • The immersive enclosed cockpit has a 210 Degree Wrap-Around field-of-view visual system
  • In-flight freeze options maximize learning through clarification and understanding
  • One-hour sessions or block-time discounts are easily scheduled
  • Beat the heat by training in air-conditioned comfort

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*Simulator Referral Credit

For every 10 hours booked by individuals that you have referred to our simulator, you will earn one hour of free simulator use. Spread the word and get your FREE SIM TIME!

This FAA Approved AATD is allowable for credited use towards the following FAA Licenses and Ratings:

  • PRIVATE PILOTS: A maximum of 2.5 hours of training in this flight training device may be credited toward the flight training time required for your Private License.
  • INSTRUMENT RATING: A maximum of 20 hours of instrument time received in this AATD may be credited for your instrument time requirements.
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE: You can credit a maximum of 50 hours toward the total aeronautical experience requirements for your Commercial License.

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