Airport Seppe goes International

Seppe Airparc
Seppe Airparc

On February 27, 2014 Airport Seppe, homebase of APS Europe, officially changed its name into ‘Breda International Airport.’ Changing the name Seppe Airport into Breda International Airport was necessary to emphasize international ambitions. Aviation pioneer Martin Schröder and aviation entrepreneur Stef Have were on hand to celebrate the opening of the airport. They commended the upgrading, saying the improvements would boost the province’s economy. “This provides opportunities for the rural people to participate more in economic activities and raise their standard of living” said Stef Have. To achieve these international ambitions, twenty-four Fly-Inn Business Units will be built this year under the name Seppe Airparc. The Fly-Inn Business Units will offer office space with hangar opportunities as well as a new airport terminal. APS Europe is excited to be part of the airport’s new initiatives and is planning to move its operations and administrative offices to one of the airport’s new Fly-Inn Business Units sometime this summer. This move should enhance APS Europe’s corporate services to all clients and provide APS Europe with a long-term facility able to accommodate its continued growth.


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