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Extra 330LX Aerobatic-capable Aircraft

APS Saudi Arabia: Extra 330LX

APS Saudi Arabia: Extra 330LX

Your safety is our #1 priority. The German-built Extra 330LX is a perfect fit for our training programs. Although we teach our course to the performance and capabilities of your specific aircraft, the Extra is certified to +/- 10Gs, has no prohibited maneuvers and boasts a max gross climb rate in excess of 3200 fpm, making it one of the safest and most capable aircraft in the sky.

As an added benefit, each aircraft is equipped with digital video and audio which recorsd the entire flight for use as a teaching tool after the flight and as a keepsake to review and/or show your family and friends when you get home.


  • Length: 22.83′
  • Height: 8.6′
  • Span: 26.25′
  • Engine: Textron Lycoming AEIO540L1B5, 330 HP fuel injected
  • Propeller: MT Constant Speed Propeller, 3 blade standard
  • Inverted Oil System: Christen Industries


  • Total Fuel Capacity: 45.1 gallons
  • Useable Fuel – Standard Tanks: 43.7 gallons
  • Total Fuel Capacity – Long Range Tanks: 54.1 gallons
  • Useable Fuel – Long Range Tanks: 52.7 gallons


  • Never Exceed Speed (Vne): 220 kts
  • Maneuvering Speed (Va): 158 kts
  • Stall Speed @ 1800 lbs.: 55 kts
  • Stall Speed @ 2095 lbs.: 60 kts]

Take-Off Performance: Standard Day @ Sea Level @ Gross Weight

  • Ground Run: 653′
  • Total: Clear 50 foot obstacle: 1789′


  • Maximum Rate of Climb at Sea Level: 3200 fpm
  • G-loading Limit: +/- 10G
  • Roll Performance: In excess of 360 degress per second
  • Service Ceiling:16,000 feet
  • Max Range Standard Tanks @ 8000 and 170 kts TAS:
    415 nm plus 45 minute reserve @ 45% power
  • Max Range Long Range Tanks @ 8000 feet and 170 kts TAS:
    510 nm plus 45 minute reserve @ 45% power

Height and Balance

  • Standard Empty Weight: 1440 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 2095 lbs
  • Maximum Useful Load: 655 lbs

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

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