APS Core Values

At APS, our core values drive our purpose, our business practices, and everything we do. We are not just a company, but a team of individuals united in our purpose to help bring pilots, and all who fly with them, home safely. Having shared values to guide us keeps us all moving together towards our goals, and helps us make decisions and guide our actions. These values are not only what we stand for, they represent who we are and ‘how’ we execute The APS Vision.

Safety Is Our Cornerstone

The business of APS is founded on a safe work environment, identifying and managing risks, and safe services for our team and customers. We are dedicated to ensuring the training given to our customers gives those pilots the knowledge and skill to bring everyone home safely on every flight. Safety is a result of consistently demonstrated practice and the real-time attitude we have towards each other, our work environment, and our customers.

Service: We Listen, Care and Serve as a Team

Service is actively caring for others — our teammates, our customers, the aviation industry, and the communities in which we live and work. We proactively anticipate the needs of others without thought of reward. We listen, with our full attention, to understand each situation more fully while asking questions and listening again to clarify our understanding. Caring is the fundamental essence of serving effectively. Considering the well-being of others with empathy and respect, treating their perceptions as important, real, and accurate (from their perspective), being sensitive to their needs, and taking appropriate action to serve and strengthen our relationships.

Accountability: We Do What We Say We'll Do with Integrity

Accountability is, very simply, accepting responsibility. Individually and as an organization, we are 100% accountable — to ourselves, our co-workers and our customers — for our actions and behaviors. Accountability is a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results; to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It. Sometimes, taking accountability means admitting you made a mistake. It is an obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and disclose the results in a transparent manner. Doing what we say we’ll do, following through with a commitment, engagement, or obligation, builds respect and credibility and develops a sense of self-worth that comes from making your words and actions match.

Egoless: We Check Our Egos at the Door

Checking our egos at the door means focusing on the team’s goals, not individual accomplishments. It is setting aside our own biases and remaining open to new ideas and alternatives. We take pride in our individual experience, expertise and work, yet fully acknowledge and support different ways to approach challenges and projects. This does not mean we do not bring our expertise, experience and opinions to bear when brainstorming or seeking a solution as a team. It means we bring our suggestions to the team in a respectful manner and never presume to be the smartest person in the room. In doing this, we establish a culture of honesty and respect, encouraging creativity and open mindedness where everyone feels free to participate without fear.

Once a decision is made, support the decision with optimism and a positive can-do attitude, understanding that personal success is built over time upon a solid foundation of safe and effective execution and delivery. Work together as one team of colleagues to achieve personal and professional success at APS.

Excellence: We Innovate and Drive Change with Excellence

Embracing innovation and change; recognizing and welcoming new ideas, risks and course changes as positive steps towards excellence is fundamental to achieving long term success. What got us to where we are today is not sufficient to keep us there. We must recognize that great advancements are often the result of significant change. Looking optimistically at unexpected changes and finding unique ways to adapt and improve is critical to moving from good to great. To accept and drive change is to direct our determination and ambition toward innovation and constant improvement; within ourselves, our organization, and our industry.

Optimism: We Optimistically Face Challenges Openly and Respectfully

We face challenges with optimism by acting immediately to tackle them; working towards and expecting a positive outcome. We plan intelligently and prepare for contingencies but do not waste time worrying unproductively about possible negative outcomes. We understand that a negative approach, attitude or demeanor — when facing a challenge or otherwise — poisons our culture and work environment, and sabotages our personal potential for success.

We Believe in People and Their Dreams

We believe people are inherently good and have the capacity to change, grow, and realize their full potential. Every individual is important, regardless of their position or title. We believe we each have unique knowledge and talents to contribute in the pursuit of achieving great things. Believing in dreams means we know all things are possible and don’t impose limitations on ourselves or others. We reach for the stars and we create things that are bigger than ourselves, encouraging others to do the same.