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spin-profile-imageAPS Emergency Maneuver Training offers three levels of stall/spin awareness training. The first level is fully addressed in our Basic Upset Recovery Training course that is integrated into all of our upset recovery and emergency maneuver training programs. This level of training should be the pilot’s first line of defense in being a safer pilot. Far too often emphasis is placed excessively on fully developed spin recovery training. Although this type of recovery training is important, it should never replace direct focus on the recognition, avoidance and early action each and very pilot must be capable of implementing to be protected against an inadvertent spin entry resulting in loss of control in-flight.

The second level of spin training offered by APS is our SPIN 1 mission profile included in our Professional Pilot Upset Recovery Training, Standard Emergency Maneuver Training and Enhanced Emergency Maneuver Training programs. This profile correctly focuses on the severe risk present by the developed spin and provides a thorough education on how the vast majority of aircraft are unrecoverable (or untested) from this particular flight condition (the developed spin). Often, pilots believe the one-turn margin of safety characteristic of a light single-engine general aviation aircraft follows them in the multi-engine or large aircraft categories of airplanes. It does not. In fact, even a fully developed spin (beyond 1-turn of rotation) in a normal category light GA aircraft is putting the pilot into an untested regime of flight with no guarantees of recovery by the manufacturer even with proper application of spin recovery techniques.

Crazy Monkey PilotThe third level of spin training offered by APS is the CFI Spin Endorsement that strictly follows the requirements dictated by the FAA and associated Practical Test Standards. CFI Candidates should keep in mind that it is not our intention at APS to push you through a course of training to meet the bare minimum standards of the PTS. This course is thoroughly comprehensive and is unparalleled in the aviation training industry as the leading CFI Spin Endorsement Course available. With that said, we continue to strongly recommend that CFI candidates participate in a full emergency maneuver training couses at APS (either our Standard Emergency Maneuver Training or Enhanced Emergency Maneuver Training program). Be sure to discuss these options with our staff on the telephone prior to booking your CFI Spin Endorsement training.

Course: CFI Spin Endorsement

For more details on this course of training, please visit the following link:

APS CFI Spin Endorsement Training Course
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