Part 141 Completion Certificate

Specialty Aviation Training

Specific courses of APS instruction have been approved and certified by the FAA as Specialty Training courses.

As a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified 141 flight school provider of various upset recovery programs, APS guarantees and certifies the provision of the highest quality, time-proven training available in the industry.

Training missions included vary based on the following courses:

  • Upset recovery training (2-day, 3-mission)
  • Spin recovery training (2-day, 2-mission)
  • Instrument recovery training (1-day, 1-mission add-on)
  • CFI spin endorsement training (2-day, 2-mission)

Pricing Details

Price isĀ $299 for all U.S. locations.

*Please call APS for program pricingĀ outside of the U.S.

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