Pricing for APS Training Services

3-Day 5-Mission
Emergency Maneuver Training
3-Day 5-Mission
Pro-Pilot Upset Training
2-Day 2-Mission
CFI Spin Endorsement


Selecting a Course Date

All Courses are Flown at our Headquarters at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA) in Mesa, Arizona. Course typically begin on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will do our very best to accommodate your preferences. For specific training date availability, please call our office at 1-866-359-4273 or Request Info. If you purchase a training program online, you do not need a exact training date. You have an entire 1-year period to arrange your course dates with us.

Summary of Courses Offered in All Categories

Info Mission Profile Price
Web-Based Courses
info Core Upset Recovery Concepts for Professional Jet Pilots (Valuable to All Pilots). Based on the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid - Revision 2 (3 - 8 hours to complete) $299
Full Motion Simulator Training
info Full Motion Simulator Only: Jet Upset Recovery Training (CBT + 1-Day, 4 Sim Hours)
*Listed Pricing is Per Pilot - Crew Discounts Available.
Integrated Full Solution
info Most Popular Jet Pilot Course! (Selected by Bombardier Leading Edge)
Level D Sim plus Comprehensive On-aircraft Training plus Instructor-led & Web-based Academics:Ā Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid, URT, Spin + IRT, Level D Simulator
(3-day 5.5-Mission)
Real Aircraft Training - Extra 300L Competition Aerobatic Aircraft
info Enhanced Emergency Maneuver Training - Full Course + IRT (4-Day 5.5-Mission) $5,302
info Most Popular On-Aircraft Course!Professional Pilot Upset Recovery Training: URT, Spin + IRT (3-day 4.5-Mission) $4,338
info Standard Emergency Maneuver Training - Full Course (3-Day 5-Mission) $4,820
info Emergency Maneuver Training - Recurrent (3-Day 3-Mission) $2,890
info Basic Upset Recovery Training (URT) (2-Day 3-Mission) $2,890
info CFI Spin Endorsement Training Program (2-Day 2-Mission) $1,999
info Introductory Upset Recovery Mission (1-Day 1 Mission) $885
Info Mission Profile Price
info Advanced Extra 300L Checkout Course (5-Day 10-Mission) $9,815
info 5-Day Power Aerobatics Indoctrination Course (5-Day 9-Mission) $9,800
info Advanced Formation Training Course (5-Day 10-Mission) - Per Person based on Pair Booking $9,540
info Basic Extra 300L Checkout Course (3-Day 5-Mission) $4,995
Info Mission Profile Price
info Single Mission Customized Training Flight (1-Day 1-Mission) $995
info 141 Completion Certificate Available for all Multi-Day Courses (Add-On) $295
info Tailwheel Endorsement (3-Hours Allotted - FAA Endorsement based on Proficiency)
* Assumes participation in an Extra 300L course - this is an Add-On

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