Erik Van Der Pluijm

Advanced Instructor Pilot

Erik Van Der Pluijm

After flying gliders in high school, Erik Van Der Pluijm decided to make flying his career. As soon as he completed his compulsory military service as a platoon commander in the Dutch Cavalry, he started his flight training in Beaumont, Texas. After a few years he returned to The Netherlands to join the Dutch Navy where he flew the F-27, the SP-13A Breguet Atlantic and later became plane and mission commander, instructor, examiner and demo pilot on the P-3C Orion.

After 10 years in the military, he joined KLM Royal Dutch Airlines where he flew the Fokker 100, Airbus A310, B767-300 and B747-400. During his 26 years of service with KLM, he also held several management functions as Senior Instructor, Chief Pilot, Deputy Senior Chief Pilot, Manager Pilot Selection and Chairman of the Pilot Selection Board.

Erik has been an instructor on all aircraft types that he flew and has been examiner almost as long. He also developed instructor and examiner training courses and helped develop a pilot assessment system for non-technical skills. In 2010, he helped develop special upset recovery training for all KLM 747 pilots. Since 2006, he has been a Senior Examiner for the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities.  He has trained and assessed new and current examiners as well as advises the Dutch CAA in legal matters.

He has approximately 13,000 flying hours and almost the same amount of instruction-time in ground school and simulator training.  After retiring from KLM in 2013, Erik has divided his time between being a Training Manager for a UAE-based 747 operator, flying a 1941 PBY-5A ‘Catalina’ and performing in airshows with his Yak-52 display team.

Erik comes to APS with a wealth of aviation experience and credibility.  He provides clients with some of the best ground, flight, and simulator UPRT possible in the industry today.