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The following is a list of all the program offered throughout the APS Training Networks. Check courses available at a specific location be using the drop down menu at the top left corner of the web site.

  • APS Train-the-Trainer Program

    Jet Upset Simulator Instructor Program

    Crew Training: Ideal for Airline Course Development Instructors

    This course comprehensively prepares the airline instructor pilot for the challenges of effectively teaching jet airplane upset prevention & recovery training in an advanced simulator. (more)

  • ifs-web-image

    Integrated Full Solution: ME Jet Pilots Only

    3-day Comprehensive LOC-I Mitigation Solution

    The industry’s leading integrate jet upset training course including preparatory online study, rigorous on-aircraft training and advanced simulation. (more)

  • Overbanked-Cockpit

    Simulator-only Jet Upset Recovery Training

    1-Day Course

    Well suited to crews with limited time seeking an immersion into the concepts, principles and applications of loss of control in-flight mitigation strategies. (more)

  • Extra-SAM-Cockpit-Overbank-640x480-web

    Professional Pilot Upset Recovery Training

    3-Day 4.5-Mission Course

    The ‘PPURT’ is our premier on-aircraft-only program and should be the minimum course for professional pilots. (more)

  • Photo-overbank_attitude_indicator

    Enhanced Emergency Maneuver Training

    4-Day 5.5-Mission Course

    The Enhanced Emergency Maneuver Training program is ideally suited to the professional VMC/IMC pilot that wants more in-depth spin recovery training. Most appropriate for light Single Engine GA pilots. (more)

  • custom-aeros

    Standard Emergency Maneuver Training

    3-Day 5-Mission Course

    Course Description: Standard Emergency Maneuver Training This 3-day, 5-mission course is APS’s most popular. It combines the 3-mission Upset Recovery Course … (more)

  • Basic Upset Recovery Training

    Basic Upset Recovery Training

    1.5-Day 3-Mission Course

    This the minimum VFR-specific upset recovery course APS offers that guarantees lasting skills. (more)

  • cockpit-aps

    3-Day 3-Mission Recurrent Spin Training

    3-Day 3-Mission Course

    Course Description: Recurrent Upset Recovery Training – Spin Focus This 3-day, 3-mission program reinforces the lessons learned during the Standard Emergency … (more)

  • recurrent-instrument-focus

    3-Day 3-Mission Recurrent Instrument Recovery

    3-Day 3-Mission Course

    Course Description: Recurrent Upset Recovery Training – Instrument Focus This 3-day, 3-mission program reinforces the lessons learned during the Basic and Professional … (more)

  • aps-spin-training

    CFI Spin Endorsement

    Course Description: 2-Day 2-Mission CFI Spin Endorsement This 2-day, 2-mission CFI Spin Endorsement course is perfect for the budding flight instructor … (more)

  • Web-Site-1993

    Introduction to Upset Recovery Training

    1-Day, 1-Mission course

    Course Description: Introduction to Upset Recovery Training This 1-day, 1-mission course is the perfect session for the pilot wanting to learn … (more)

  • Export-Website-12

    Power Aerobatics Indoctrination Course

    Rewarding, challenging and exhilarating!

    Learn to fly basic and advanced aerobatics in the world’s leading unlimited aerobatic aircraft. APS has more Extra 300L experience than any organization. (more)

  • Export-Website-8591

    Advanced Extra 300L Checkout

    5-Day Comprehensive Type Proficiency.

    If you just bought an Extra 300 variant airplane, this is the best course in the industry to get you safe and proficient for all-attitude all-envelope maneuvering. (more)

  • Photo-1FC_ground_side

    3-Day Basic Extra 300L Checkout

    This is a byline.

    Course Description: 3-Day Basic Extra 300L Checkout This course assumes the participant has significant tailwheel and high-performance experience. If this is … (more)

  • Tailwheel Checkout

    Tailwheel Endorsement

    Add-on to any APS course.

    The Extra 300L is an excellent platform for accomplish your tailwheel checkout based on proficiency. (more)

  • Photo-1FC_fallaway_vertical_external

    Customized Aerobatics Instruction

    Course Description: 1/2-Day Customized Aerobatics Instruction APS can provide a program specifically designed to meet your personal flying objectives, whether it’s … (more)

  • Photo-formation_sunset_photo

    Advanced Formation Flying

    The Ultimate Initial Formation Training Program

    This 5-Day 10-Mission customized course of training is broken down into two phases; Basic Formation Training and Advanced / Customized … (more)

  • Company-Photos-5616

    iPad Upset Training App

    A Powerful Take-with-you Pro-Pilot Tool

    From the always-accessible home page, find your place and your progress through the content. Tracker bars indicate how far you have progressed through each module. Exams per module. (more)

  • cbt-upset-recovery

    Web-based Upset Training Course

    Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid - Revision 2

    In the interest of safety and the desire to acknowledge the commonality in recovery techniques, the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid (URTA) was created as a reference guide to professional pilots… (more)

  • APS Part 141 Completion Certificate

    Part 141 Completion Certificate

    Available on Most APS Courses

    Available on most APS upset recovery and spin training programs. Confirm prior to training. (more)

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