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Outstanding pilots and an unwavering commitment to safety are key to successful flight operations. APS Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) reduces the risk of Loss of Control In-flight, the most lethal safety threat to business aviation, and tangibly improves pilots’ manual handling skills and general airmanship. Discover how customized UPRT programs can help you achieve your flight department’s most critical goals.


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Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) is the comprehensive integration of knowledge, skills and strategies for pilots to minimize the risk of loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) – aviation’s most lethal threat to air safety. UPRT involves enhanced awareness, prevention and recovery processes to address ‘airplane upsets’ which are precursor conditions to LOC-I. Dedicated UPRT provides the most cost-effective LOC-l risk reduction possible.

What is Effective UPRT

An effective UPRT provider must prepare pilots to recognize a divergent flight condition and then prevent that condition from evolving into an airplane upset using strategies that are directly transferable to their make and model of airplane. The development of these capabilities must be accomplished while assuring a safe training environment with demonstrable margins of safety. This multipronged approach generates results that consistently achieve the specific objectives of industry-compliant, integrated UPRT services soon to be mandated globally.


Today’s pilot licensing training does not provide a tangible solution for dealing with the full range of possible airplane upset events using standard flight training resources. The constraints to modern pilot licensing training has allowed LOC-I to become the greatest cause of accidents and fatalities in aviation. The limited capability of full-flight simulators to recreate the experiences encountered in extreme flight conditions requires supplementation with dedicated on-aircraft UPRT and focused recovery-specific aerodynamic knowledge to effectively teach all-attitude all-envelope recovery processes.

OUR approach

APS excels at immersing participating pilots in situations and conditions that assure the long-lasting development of core UPRT knowledge and skills to recognize, prevent and, if necessary, recover from both insidious and rapid-onset airplane upset events. We reinforce these skills using proven building-block training methodology that pilots can rely on in the real world to effectively assess a situation and then take immediate action to return the airplane positively and purposefully back into the heart of the normal operating envelope.

Who is APS?

Aviation Performance Solutions is the world’s largest provider of UPRT solutions now entering our 19th year of business with full-time dedication to this domain of training.

UPRT is our primary focus every day. APS uses a proven combination of training tools, platforms, methodologies and resources available to generate the most consistent and lasting skill sets for pilots of all experience levels.

We offer an integrated approach to UPRT as is recognized and recommended by ICAO, IATA, FAA, EASA and other national aviation authorities based on over 5 years of research by more than 40 organizations and 80 subject matter experts around the world

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Everybody pays lip service to being the leader. Leadership must be demonstrated, not simply claimed. Gravitate to a true global leader that has helped set industry standards; a world class leader, where leadership is defined through the implementation of revolutionary training solutions and collaboration with ICAO, FAA, EASA, IATA and others; a true global leader with international training locations on multiple continents and a world-renowned client-base.

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Client Testimonials


Corporate Learjet Pilot Evaluates APS Upset Recovery Program click here to open YouTube video


Corporate Learjet Pilot Evaluates APS Upset Recovery Programclick here to open YouTube video


Corporate Learjet Pilot Evaluates APS Upset Recovery Programclick here to open YouTube video


Corporate Learjet Pilot Evaluates APS Upset Recovery Programclick here to open YouTube video


Corporate Learjet Pilot Evaluates APS Upset Recovery Programclick here to open YouTube video

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